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Configurable Phone Lines

Super Configurable Call-In Lines

Let your customers or partners record testimonials, commentary, or audio seminars of up to an hour using our Sizzle Lines! You can even record or upload your own welcome messages to deliver a customized experience to your callers! You can also receive email notifications of new messages for each line that you set up!

So Many Lines for So Many Tasks

  1. Configurable Sizzle Lines

    Maximize your calling efficiency by recording an automated sizzle line. With BYOAudio you can easily set up a sales recording that literally plays to callers 24/7! Callers can then record messages directly to your BYOAudio media directory where you can easily listen to them! You're only one person, but these lines can actually do the selling for you! We also have dedicated numbers, so callers can get your message without dialing a pin code!

  2. Conference Call Recording

    Record your conference calls or other phone meetings for safe keeping and playback later. We even have conference-smart recording lines that won't disconnect when someone else on the call presses the wrong key!! Record conference calls up to 2 hours in length without worries about random keypresses ending the recording.

  3. Customer and User Testimonial Recording Lines

    Once your sizzle line finishes playing a message, you have the option of letting users record feedback, testimonails, or responses that are then moved to your Audio List so you can download them or publish them to the web.

  4. Call in for Podcasts, E-mail, and Website Publishing

    Use your sizzle lines as recording devices for Podcasts, Website, and E-mail publishing. We can record anything that is near a phone, and you can easily publish it all to the web or e-mails!

No-surcharge Phone Recording, even for Conference Calls!!

BYOAudio no longer surcharges for phone access to our Exclusive Media Center! Record phone messages of up to 60 minutes, and Conference Calls of up to TWO HOURS, with no surcharges!

NEW: Dedicated (pinless) Phone Lines

Don't want your users to have to enter a pin when they call your line? We now offer dedicated lines to our users! The 'Pro' and 'Business' level accounts include these lines, but you can also purchase them on a per-line basis on any account level.